About "Al The Artist"

Al O'Brien is a professional artist with over 30 years experience. He has owned his own art businesses, including a Sign Shop, Architectural Design Studios, Advertising Agency, and Wholesale and Retail Screen-Printing Operations. He has held upper management level and corporate positions, as well as jobs including chief designer and art director . With a Master's Degree in Art Education, he has teaching experiences ranging from kindergarten through college level and special education assignments. Nationally known, Al the Artist has made TV appearances and has been featured in newspapers and magazines from coast to coast.

Al has excellent people skills - is personable and friendly. He is an excellent caricature artist. Pre-printed 11"x17" "WANTED" poster blanks will be supplied with custom imprinting of event name and/or corporate logo. Promotional appearances are available, at sponsors' businesses, or as community service . An excellent introduction to any event is the media coverage that results upon Al's drawing at the children's ward of a local hospital, or similar venue, bring a part of the event to children who won't be able to attend!

3115 North Fairview Avenue, #200
Tucson, Arizona 85705 (520) 241-1459


"The Fastest DRAW in the West"