With Al the Artist, You Get the most from Entertainment and Advertising Budgets.

Universal appeal.
Everyone wants to know how an artist sees him or her.

"Al the Artist" travels about the grounds in his brightly colored, bicycle-powered "Cartoon Car" periodically stopping to draw patrons. Crowds gather to watch Al create clever, complimentary caricatures on custom designed, pre-printed "WANTED" poster formats, which integrally contain the name of your event and/or logo of a corporate sponsor. Each creation will be cherished for its one-of-a-kind personal content, yet contains a "FOREVER" advertising value.

Just imagine, the name of your event in BIG BLACK LETTERS framed and displayed on living room walls........FOREVER!

Proudly framed, and displayed in homes and businesses, it is a fond personal remembrance of your event for many years to come.

THE ONLY ACT of its kind in the nation. To many it's more "REAL" than a photo, and much more valuable in its "signed by the artist," truely "one-of-a-kindness."

Its Entertainment and Advertising values are evident. It's a "gift" of real value and a constant visible reminder of your event.

Popular entertainment and strong advertising values
with personal attachments.


Long lasting.
Caricature value exceeds event admission price!
Cherished and fondly remembered mementos of your event.

Many Additional Advantages
Finished poster is unique, yet familiar and directly adaptable to your special event - County and State Fairs, Festivals, Malls Grand Openings, Cruise Lines, and Special Events.

The 11" x 17" black and white designed poster can be readily and inexpensively photocopied for distribution to friends and family, further enhancing your advertising value - without further expense.

Sponsors appreciate the long - term visible advertising of displayed posters. Al's entertainment location can be changed each day or many times each day, attracting crowds to more remote locations, creating more interest in these areas.


3115 North Fairview Avenue, #200
Tucson, Arizona 85705
(520) 241-1459